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Inspired by the powerful healing and regenerative properties of the marula fruit - wild-harvested by the indigenous women to support fair trade.
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About Us

Marula Oil, known as a “miracle fruit” in its native South Africa, has been used for decades as an anti-aging skin treatment. Local people pick the ripened fruit and apply the marula oil directly to their face for a lasting and hydrating glow. 

In our search to attain the purest and most effective skin care treatment, we discovered amazing fruit and began to try it on our skin. When freshly harvested, the kernel from the ripened fruit can be squeezed into an oil which can then be applied to the face producing a soft, soothing feel. Once the oil penetrates the initial layers of skin, it leaves a fantastic glow which we call the “Marula Glow”.

Marula oil has been shown to improve elasticity, prevent moisture loss, improve skin tone and even fight dangerous free-radicals below the dermal layer. In addition, it is pH balanced and non-microbial.

Marula Organix is founded on our two core principles: 1. All products are as pure as possible and contain the fewest amount of additives possible and 2. Our entire line is preservative free, vegan and cruelty-free.

Our flagship product is “Oil of Africa” which is an anti-aging facial oil that contains pure marula oil and a fusion of Helichrysum which has been used in herbal medicine since ancient Greece for its rejuvenating benefits for the skin. 

After trials and numerous testimonials supporting the effectiveness of Oil of Africa, we decided to expand our line to include other great and beneficial skin care treatments. We now offer four great products to help you

Marula Organix has and always will support local, South African communities. Our products are fair-trade practices and we are proud to be Beauty Without Cruelty and Vegan Society accredited.

On behalf of the entire Marula Organix team, we thank you for your continued support and for making us a part of your daily skin care treatment.

– The Marula Organix Team

Fair Trade, Vegan,

Discovered thousands of years ago by the indigenous peoples of South Africa, this “Anti-oxidant Super Oil” improves elasticity, decreases moisture loss and improves skin tone.